Country View Farm

Hog Butchering to Order

Ask about naturally local raised hogs for butchering. Whole pigs or half pigs are available all year long.

Price of Pig- Includes the butchering and wrapping of meat.


Whole Pig - $460

Half Pig - $240


What do I get for a half a pig?


Half a Pig Includes:

  • About 24 pork chops
  • 2 - 14 lbs ham roasts
  • Ham Steaks-made to order
  • 8-10 lbs of bacon
  • 10-14 lbs sausage
  • 2 pork roasts
  • 2 pans of scrapple



*This is just an estimate, amounts may vary.

* Reference the Pork Cut sheet to see more specific information about ordering.

* Process takes about 3 weeks from the time or butcher till the time of pick up.


Questions:  Call Joel Geiger at 610-509-4543


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